Christophe GUY started the piano at the age of 12 and took a classical course for 3 years. Interested in jazz, he left the classical curriculum to evolve in self-learning. After playing in various pop groups, he became the pianist of Jean-Pierre Albrecht, and released an album in 1984. In 1990 he worked for one year with Michel BERNARD (lining of Louis MARIANO) the song and the harmonies of Jazz. He formed a group of Jazzrock GRAFFICSTICKS that performed at the first Decibulles Festival in Neuve-Eglise. For three years he took the responsibility of the music school of LANTON. He also joined a group of JAZZ Rock GROOVE THERAPY.
Today he is pianist of STEVE WALTON & Co and started in November 2018 this tribute to Michel Legrand with Elsa LEROYER: the Baie des Anges group has just been born.