Baie des Anges is the result of the meeting of two musicians, Elsa LEROYER (vocals) and Christophe GUY (keyboards and vocals), both fans of the music of Michel Legrand. In November 2018, they began their research into his extensive catalogue of songs and intoned the first notes.
After a long period of listening and of adapting the music to their voices – Legrand has a vocal range of two octaves – they tackled first of all his film music which they will play on September 28, 2019 at the closing ceremony of the short film festival in Soulac-Sur-Mer (33).
Baie des Anges can perform as a DUO, a TRIO or a QUARTET.


April 19, 2020 Live at Lièvre De Mars 33730 Noaillan

Fev 22nd 2020 Live at Café Le Baryton

Sat 28 September, 2019 Closing Concert of the SOULAC Cinema Festival (33)

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