Drummer and percussionist in the aesthetic fields of improvised music, jazz, traditional music, circus and street arts, Pierre Thibaud began his career with the Lubat Company and the Pignadhars of Uzeste in 1986. In 1987, he became a professional musician with the Déclic Circus (street parade, circus show and music) until 2007 playing on European tours and international shows. From 1995 to 1997, he joined a collective (20 people: musicians, dancers, visual artists, videographers) animated by Denis Fouquet, in the field of world music, who produced the album “Traveling” (a symphonic poem), the show “Traveling”, as well as the show “Yanabatan”
From 2003 to 2007, he also tackled the sax with the group Bordelune (chanson francaise). From 1990 to 2015, he joined Cie Christian Vieussens (flutist, composer, storyteller, painter) where he met Christian Paboeuf. The album “Noche en Vela” and “Nomadic Spirit”: a creation with Senegalese musicians in Dakar. Three tours in France in 1999 and 2000 and in Senegal. He is still with Christian Vieussens (music), on texts by Patrick Espagnet, he participated as noisemaker/sound illustrator at the shows “Contes de Gascogne”: “La Gueuse” (musical thriller) “Chandelle”. On screenings and texts by Bernard Manciet (diplomat poet) and from traditional songs of Gascony and Léo Férré, he created “The Concert” Music “with Christian Vieussens (Jazz).
In the field of music to dance, he accompanied Christian Vieussens in “Le Bal gets in “(trio flute piccolo, tuba, drums)
From 1990 to 2015, he accompanied Michel Etxekopar (poly instrumentalist, singer, dancer, poet, improviser).
Album: “Atzo eta egü” Basque dances of Soule.
Show “Pitotar (hitza) dansa” music, dance, poetry.
In 2000 he recorded with Il Monstro the album “Bleu-nuit and silhouettes with hats” and participated in the Tournicote Cabaret with the company Vis Comica.
With “Les Ogres De Barback”, he recorded in 2013 the album “Pitt o cha” and in 2014 the album “You annoy me”.
In 2013 the disc book “A n (o) us Mêmes Etrange (r) s”, in which he participated, on texts of Itxaro Borda and David De Sousa, music of The Lean Orchestra, and received the Charles Cros Academy Award.
In 2015 he joined the Quartet Aquitain Christian Paboeuf.